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Freqently asked questions

Dear Payeer users

Before you create a ticket for the Customer Support team, please read carefully and fully this basic FAQ information, in most cases it will help you to save time and quickly resolve the issue without direct contact with the Payeer Customer Service.

  • Question: I made a withdrawal transfer of funds to my bank card Visa / MasterCard, the status of this transaction is “Complete” but I don’t see the funds in my bank account yet.

Answer: Depending on the selected currency and the recipient’s bank, the timing can be vary, the Payeer sends the funds electronically the very same minute when the request for withdrawal was made, then the recipient’s bank does the rest, re-depositing the return back into the card’s bank account.

The RUR (Russian Ruble) currency transfers

The Russian Banks listed on Payeer website - instant withdrawal

Regular banks accepting Russian currency - 1-4 business days

The USD / EUR currency transfers

All banks 1-4 business days

  •     Q: What should I do to change my password or Master-key, in case if I forgot or lost it ?


1 Log out from your account

2 Go to the Data Recovery

3 Enter your login name (your email address, mobile number or account number)

4 Enter the security code to change the data and click the Restore button, the new data will be sent to your email or mobile phone.

  •     Q: Where is my authorization code?

    Answer: Every time you log into your Payeer account, the system sends you a new authorization code

    If you registered your account with email - check in your Inbox and Spam folders

    If you registered with your phone number - restart your phone if you did not receive an SMS.

    If the code has not been received after several attempts, contact our support team for assistance.

  •    Q: My account was hacked, what am I to do?


    Most likely your computer got infected with a trojan virus, through which the attackers gained an access to your email and tried to restore supposedly "forgotten" password.

In case of the intrusion into your Payeer account follow these steps:

1 Turn on the SMS Confirmation security option when your log in, by going to your personal account Settings.
2 Change the data access settings and passwords of your Payeer account.

3 Restore and change the password of your email (try to use only good reputable email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. These companies offer a two-stage authentication via SMS code sent to your phone upon logon)

4 Thoroughly check your computer with the latest and updated antivirus software.

  •     Question: I did not get an invoice bill for QIWI wallet

* A: The Qiwi invoices are issued only to the Russian phone numbers.

  •     Question: Is it possible to cancel the transaction?

* Answer: All the COMPLETED transactions cannot be canceled or returned.

  • * Question: I just placed an order to withdraw my money from the Store to my Payeer account and I don’t any payments received in my Payeer .

* Answer: Perhaps the Sender (The Store) did not process your request for transfer, the sent funds are usually credited instantly and will be immediately reflected in Payeer from any store.

  •  Question: What should I do if lost an access to my Payeer account’s email or phone number?

* Answer: To change your personal data without confirmation code is only possible in special circumstances.

    Question: How do I delete an account?

    Answer: To delete your Payeer account is very simple: Just go to your Personal Data section and remove your email and phone number. Save the changes. Exit out. Your account will be completely deleted from the system in a couple of days.

  •     Question: I just connected my website store to Payeer payment system but the only available payment option for it is a Payeer wallet.

    Answer: After the set up, please "confirm" your domain through the downloaded file, our staff will receive a request to add other payment options to your website.

  •     Question: I did not get a reply from your Support service yet.

    Answer: To solve your problem requires a certain amount of time, be patient and expect an answer within a few hours.

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